Book a tick vaccination – receive a 20 franc voucher

Anyone who books an appointment for a TBE vaccination at a Medbase pharmacy in German-speaking Switzerland before the end of the year using the Compassana app can look forward to receiving a shopping voucher for said pharmacies.

Fabienne Unger

19. June 2024

Woman on flower meadow with child
In Regionen mit hoher Zeckenpopulation ist eine Zeckenimpfung eine sinnvolle Prophylaxe. (Foto: Adobe Stock)

A tick vaccination offers important protection against tick-borne diseases such as TBE (tick-borne encephalitis). Especially in regions with a high tick population, a tick vaccination is a sensible prophylaxis to protect your health and that of your loved ones. 

This is how it works: 

  • Download: If you haven’t already done so, download the Compassana app from Google Play or the App Store. 
  • Registration: Log in to the app.  
  • Make an appointment: Book an appointment at your Medbase pharmacy in German-speaking Switzerland using the Compassana app.  
  • Scan QR code: Scan the QR code in the treatment room after you have made your appointment. 
  • Send an email: Send the generated message to us. 
  • Receive code: You will receive a voucher code that you can redeem. 

Conditions for successfully redeeming your voucher: 

  • Redeemability: The voucher can be redeemed in Medbase pharmacies in German-speaking Switzerland. 
  • Validity period: The voucher is valid until 31 December 2024. 
  • Minimum purchase: To redeem the voucher, a minimum purchase in the amount of the voucher value is required. 
  • Exclusion of cash payment and credit: A cash payment of the voucher value or a credit to your account is not possible. 
  • No replacement in case of loss: No replacement is possible if the voucher is lost. 
  • Showing the voucher: Please show the voucher at the checkout of your Medbase pharmacy before paying. 
  • Limitation of validity: The voucher is not valid for the purchase of prescription medicines.