Changes to the privacy policy Compassana app 1.3

There have been some small changes in the privacy policy of the Compassana app.

Peter Ebenhoch

31. August 2023

Red paragraph in front of wall
Compassana has adapted its privacy policy. (Photo: Adobe Stock)
  • We have generally provided clarifications and standardized terms for better comprehensibility.
  • 3.3 We replaced the term ‘processing’ with the term ‘disclosure’ for clarification. 
  • 4.2 Insurance data
    • We replaced the term ‘process’ with ‘use’ for clarification.
    • We provided a more detailed description of the registration process when using an insurance account, particularly with respect to the data transferred from your insurance account to Compassana.
    • We have added a note regarding how we use your registration details to activate additional services, should you enable them while being logged in with your insurance account.
    • We added the note that we do not transfer any data to your insurance company.

You can also find this change information here.