"The older the patient, the greater the demands on their medical history"

Peter Amherd provides an insight into his own experience using the Compassana app and the challenges of managing his personal data.

Kimberly Schlegel

20. February 2024

Peter Amherd smiles into the camera
Compassana user Peter Amherd takes a lively interest in medical documentation. (Photo: NS)

Why did you download the Compassana app?
I am very curious by nature and I came across the app by chance. What bothers me about the Swiss healthcare system right now is that I always need to explain everything from scratch to every new medical specialist that I see. I would like to have a central location where I can manage my health data. In this context, I would like to be able to authorise certain medical specialists to have access and add to my information.

What do you like about the app?
The design of the app is both intuitive and laid-back. The tiles on the first page enable me to add documents or medication quickly. I really like the fact that I can manage my documents and medications myself.

How does the insurance guide help you with your basic insurance model?
I am insured with SWICA and I have had a look at the insurance guide. Information on insurance is not that important to me. However, I do think that it can help patients who are not so familiar with their insurance model.

How does the app help you plan your daily health routine?
The app helps me to stay on top of documents and medication. Generally speaking, the older you get, the greater the demands are on your medical history. This has to do with the quantity of information that needs to be documented. The same goes for me, which is why I would need additional features to help me organise my daily health routine efficiently.

Could you give us a few examples?
For instance, I would like to have a fundamental structure for my medical history so that I can note down more details about my own individual situation. For now, I only have the option of completing my medical history by generating a PDF of a medical event that has occurred and saving it as a document. I would prefer to write a note about it. I feel the same about my lab results. I would like to have an additional feature that links individual results to a specific date. This is of particular importance when I wish to document the same results measured by different medical specialists over a longer period of time.