Perfect interaction

How the Compassana app and a standard hospital application can complement each other for patients’ benefit

Maya Keller

19. March 2024

Woman lying in sick bed
The Compassana app is also a good place for your health data from a hospital stay. (Image: Pexels)

The Compassana app is there to assist patients with their everyday medical concerns, whether they are large or small: it helps users to find the right point of contact depending on their insurance, gives them access to telemedicine and provides an overview of their current medication and relevant documents. What is more, Compassana makes it possible to communicate and exchange data with medical professionals in compliance with data protection regulations.

Being admitted to hospital is often a dramatic event for those concerned. Patients have a lot of appointments and examinations before, during and after a stay in hospital. This is why a standard hospital app provides access to the digital patient file internally within the hospital. This file will contain information on the patient’s condition when they were admitted, in addition to any treatments, laboratory tests and pre- and post-operative care. The application also frequently enables users to complete questionnaires on admission to hospital and view treatment plans during their stay. It may also be used to order meals during their stay or to find their way around the hospital.

This will help patients feel well looked after during your stay. When they return to their daily routines, the Compassana app enables all health professionals involved in their ongoing treatment to view the most important information concerning their stay, such as their discharge date, report and the medication they were prescribed. This could include, for example, a GP, Spitex or a physiotherapist.  

So the upshot is: together, Compassana and a standard hospital app make a winning team.