Trifork signs strategic investment agreement with Swiss digital health company Bluespace Ventures AG

Trifork and Bluespace Ventures (BSV) today signed an agreement to include Trifork as investor in BSV. This is to strengthen the partnership further, and to underline Trifork’s commitment as a serious player in providing digital health solutions to the Swiss population.

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24. October 2023

The latest Compassana press release
The latest Compassana press release (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Trifork will own 14.29% of BSV and will join its Board of Directors. The completion of the final agreement is subject to approvals from relevant competition authorities, which are expected to be obtained in the fourth quarter of 2023.

In 2022, Trifork signed a contract with Bluespace Ventures AG (BSV), making them the lead technology partner in providing advanced healthcare software to the Swiss market. In the second quarter of 2022, Trifork and BSV started the development of a new and modern eHealth platform called Compassana. In the second quarter of 2023, the platform went live successfully.

Trifork views this collaboration and the entrance into the Swiss market for digital health solutions as a strategic milestone. Based on three decades of experience and a portfolio of digital health solutions built in other countries, Trifork and BSV together will accelerate the digitalization of healthcare in Switzerland.

“By adding Trifork to our group of owners, we get an innovative technology provider very close to us who understands our needs and who can help us shape our development roadmap. Together, we are looking forward to setting the next milestones for our Swiss healthcare ecosystem”, says Peter Mittemeyer, CEO Bluespace Ventures.

“Trifork is truly committed to improving the Swiss healthcare ecosystem by digitalization as we have successfully done in Denmark since 1996. BSV consists of a group of very committed and visionary shareholders. These leading organizations possess the right mix of reach and energy to succeed with the creation and adoption of a digital platform that can span all healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients in Switzerland”, says CEO and founder of Trifork, Jørn Larsen.

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