Question of the month: How do I use the Compassana app as an active person with no health issues?

The Compassana app provides guidance on the Swiss health care system for everyone. It not only benefits patients living with chronic illnesses or athletes with a large treatment team.

Joy Weichhart

26. March 2024

Couple jogging in the woods
The Compassana app also supports active people in organising their healthcare. (Image: Adobe)

Active, healthy people can also avail themselves of the features in the Compassana app. I would be happy to give you a few examples of how the app can become an essential tool for you to use going forward:

Are you looking to go away on a skiing holiday relaxed and fully prepared and, should you sustain a sports-related injury, know where you can receive top-quality and efficient treatment?
You can save all your important information (vaccination card, patient decree, list of medicines, allergy card, etc.) in the Compassana app and have it to hand no matter where you are.

Even active and healthy individuals can sustain a sports injury every now and then. For instance, like now, during the skiing or snowboarding season. Thanks to the Compassana app, you can quickly find medical assistance in the region where you are currently located.

You can also add your treatment team (GP, physiotherapist, specialist, pharmacy) to the app. This is because patients are often asked where they receive treatment, or which is their preferred physiotherapy practice or pharmacy. The Compassana app means you will have the answer to all these questions at your fingertips. The results of medical examinations such as X-rays, MRIs, specialist reports or your accident certificate will also help your treatment team to provide you with top-quality and efficient treatment.

And by simply referring to your Compassana app, you will be able to provide information on the key points relating to the accident in discussions with your employer or accident insurance company. This could be the date of the accident, the type of injury or who treated you and where. This is because all your activities are listed chronologically in your timeline, which means you can keep track of your medical interventions even years after they occurred.

And the cherry on top: Compassana puts an end to the tedious task of decrypting e-mails from health professionals because you can now have your reports, lab results, diagnoses and prescriptions sent directly to the Compassana app. All without the hassle of having to decrypt emails. To set this up, write a message to your treatment team from the Compassana app to let them know that you are using it. Once they have been informed, they will be able to send you your documents directly to the app. From then on, you will have all your medical information to hand in one place.