Question of the month: Is it possible to use the Compassana app for my grandmother or a family member?

The short answer: not yet. The more detailed response: with a little help, it is certainly possible.

Joy Weichhart

31. August 2023

grandma and her daughter with a smartphone
Compassana is for everyone. (Photo: Pexels)

As a Clinical Applications Manager, I travel throughout Switzerland to train and support Compassana’s healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring they have the expertise and assistance they need. I keep hearing similar questions. Starting now, I will address one of the most pressing questions every month in this blog. Today, we are diving into the topic of user accounts. 
Let’s go: 
Currently, you can’t use the Compassana app for someone else. However, you can help them register, set up, and even use it. We are working to ensure that children, grandparents, and relatives requiring care can also be added to a Compassana account. 

It is very important to us that the less digitally affine can also use Compassana and thus be supported in healthcare. As a nurse and medical practice assistant, I would like to give you an example: You should always attend important medical appointments with a companion whenever possible. Age does not matter, because medical consultations are exceptional situations even for young people. Important things can be forgotten during the conversation, and two people are more likely to ask about unclear medical terms. The Compassana app is very useful in this respect. For example, it has a document filing system in which you can access all the relevant files and medications, if you have previously stored them there.

Thus, as a granddaughter, I can support my grandmother in registering, filing her most important medical documents, and asking for the eMediplan when visiting the doctor's office or the pharmacy together. Granddaughter and grandmother can then upload this into the app together. Now, the granddaughter just has to show her grandmother how to unlock Compassana.

In an emergency, the grandmother can then decide for herself whether to show her Compassana app to the attending physician. Treatment at home will also be safer. Because now the grandmother can show her home care provider relevant reports, for example, after a hospital discharge. Such information is extremely valuable especially on weekends. Not only granddaughters can provide support, but also grandsons, godparents, friends, sons, or neighbours.