Showcasing our technology partners: Protect7

Protect7 helps Compassana to protect confidential data. Why we put our trust in this IT and cybersecurity company

Peter Ebenhoch

14. May 2024

In Protect7, Compassana has gained a competent Swiss specialist partner for cyber security (Photo: Protect7)

Protect7 was set up in 2008 and since then has become a major player in the Swiss IT and cyber security landscape together with its dedicated team of 15 experts. The company focuses on the following four core areas:

  • Security analyses (threat assessments and penetration tests) to detect vulnerabilities 
  • Strategic consultancy that can be put into practice 
  • Managed security services to standardise and strengthen cyber security  
  • Training to boost awareness and understanding of information security

Raising employee awareness is a particularly effective way of creating a culture of security that not only eliminates technical vulnerabilities, but also provides comprehensive support for sustainable and robust operations. 
In the health care sector, information security is not only beneficial, it is essential. This is because the confidentiality of patient data means that health care organisations are prime targets for cyber-attacks. As a result, the certified security architecture of the Compassana platform provides the perfect basis for information security and data protection. 
In Protect7, Compassana has gained a competent Swiss specialist partner for cyber security which is well versed in both strategic matters and the practical details involved in information and cyber security. Over 170 clients from a wide range of sectors now benefit from Protect7's expertise and wealth of experience. The company also has a proven track record in the banking sector, where the protection of critical infrastructures and confidential data is likewise a top priority. The Protect7 team is acutely aware of the strict regulations in the Swiss health care sector and the current risk situation and adapts its support accordingly to ensure secure, controlled and uninterrupted access to Compassana services and the best possible protection of patient data around the clock. Protect7 is an expert partner in the field of cybersecurity that is passionate and fully dedicated to helping us address these challenges whenever we need it.