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Citrus fruits

16. April 2024

Does eating “organic” lead to a reduced incidence of cancer?

Does eating “organic” really make you healthier? French research has revealed an interesting correlation.

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red heart

09. April 2024

Heart bypass surgery – what are the risks?

What is a heart bypass, when is it carried out and what exactly happens in bypass surgery? Read on for the answers to these and other questions on the topic.

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PD Dr. med. univ. Christian Oberkofler

02. April 2024

"Doing things electronically is better in the long run"

Dr. Christian Oberkofler emphasises greater safety for patients thanks to more comprehensive data, for example in the Compassana app, and makes a comparison with robot-assisted surgical procedures.

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Couple jogging in the woods

26. March 2024

Question of the month: How do I use the Compassana app as an active person with no health issues?

The Compassana app provides guidance on the Swiss health care system for everyone. It not only benefits patients living with chronic illnesses or athletes with a large treatment team.

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Map view in the app

21. March 2024

What's new in the Compassana app 2.0

Below is a summary of the features that have been integrated into the latest version of our application for patients.

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Woman lying in sick bed

19. March 2024

Perfect interaction

How the Compassana app and a standard hospital application can complement each other for patients’ benefit

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Man holds his back in pain

12. March 2024

Lower back pain (lumbago) usually clears up by itself

First, the bad news: lower back pain is incredibly unpleasant. But the good news is that it usually clears up on its own and is not caused by anything serious.

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Sneezing woman

05. March 2024

Year after year ... what is the best remedy for pollen allergies?

If you suffer from hay fever or asthma brought on by an allergy, you should take preventative measures early on – and see a doctor if you develop a cough.

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Doctor and patient

29. February 2024

Question of the month: is Compassana free of charge for patients and service providers?

The short answer is yes and no. The long answer is the app is free, but Compassana Med Cockpit is not.

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