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Display of the favourites list in the app

22. November 2023

Question of the month: How do I add my favourites and people involved in my medical treatment in the app?

Filtering health contacts in the Compassana app makes it easier to find the most suitable ones. Here’s how it works.

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21. November 2023

When the heart is out of rhythm

Heart rhythm disorders (cardiac arrhythmia) are common, but the people affected often do not even realise it. This may be accompanied by sudden palpitations, a loss of energy or excessive tiredness.

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Dr. med. Peter Gürber runs his own GP practice in Ennetbürgen

14. November 2023

“An affinity for technology is not related to age”

In this interview, Dr Peter Gürber explains how Compassana benefits day-to-day work at his surgery and who it is best suited for.

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Doctor with headset during a consultation

07. November 2023

Embracing more digitisation in health care – takeaways from the 2023/2024 ZHAW Digital Health Report

The fourth edition of this standard publication again features many insights. The following are the three most important ones.

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In addition to therapy appointments, Laura also has to keep on top of regular lab checks and consultation appointments. (Photo: Freepik)

31. October 2023

Question of the month: As a patient with a chronic illness, how do I use the Compassana app?

Laura*, who has had elevated blood sugar levels for a number of years now, shares how she got started with Compassana.

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The latest Compassana press release

24. October 2023

Trifork signs strategic investment agreement with Swiss digital health company Bluespace Ventures AG

Trifork and Bluespace Ventures (BSV) today signed an agreement to include Trifork as investor in BSV. This is to strengthen the partnership further, and to underline Trifork’s commitment as a serious player in providing digital health solutions to the Swiss population.

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Data protection: Compassana transfers the onion principle familiar from clothing to the digital health world.

19. October 2023

Safety on the move with Compassana 

How the Compassana Cloud safeguards your medical data 

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Compassana relies on Microsoft Azure

10. October 2023

How Microsoft is helping Compassana to develop a health care ecosystem

Compassana works together with all stakeholders to improve collaboration and integrated health care. The core of the ecosystem is a digital platform. Microsoft Azure provides the basic infrastructure for operations and local secure data storage.

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Min Laege is the standard app for the Danish healthcare system

03. October 2023

What Switzerland can learn from Denmark

When it comes to digital health, Denmark’s health care system is one of the most advanced in the world: electronic patient files are used throughout the country, patients have access to their data at all times, and electronic prescriptions are offered nationwide. Could this be a model for Switzerland?

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