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Doctor and patient

29. February 2024

Question of the month: is Compassana free of charge for patients and service providers?

The short answer is yes and no. The long answer is the app is free, but Compassana Med Cockpit is not.

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Intestinal visualization

27. February 2024

Early detection of bowel cancer

If found early, most cases of bowel cancer can be successfully treated, which is why early detection is important. The two main procedures used to detect bowel cancer at an early stage are a faecal immunochemical test (FIT) and a colonoscopy.

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Peter Amherd smiles into the camera

20. February 2024

"The older the patient, the greater the demands on their medical history"

Peter Amherd provides an insight into his own experience using the Compassana app and the challenges of managing his personal data.

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HIN's product boxes

13. February 2024

Profile of our technology partners: HIN

Health Info Net AG has been ensuring that communication in the Swiss health care system complies with data protection regulations since 1996. How does HIN help to make sure that data is shared securely across the Compassana ecosystem?

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05. February 2024

What you need to be aware of about your weight 

Does your fluctuating weight bother you? There’s no need to panic. Read on to find out why fluctuations in weight occur and what you should be aware of when you weigh yourself.

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App Screen

30. January 2024

What are the first steps I need to follow in the Compassana app?

The first steps apply to everyone, no matter if you are in contact with health professionals regularly or rarely.

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pink bows

23. January 2024

Early detection of breast cancer

Every year, around 6500 women in Switzerland are diagnosed with breast cancer. But 50 men also receive this diagnosis every year. The risk of developing the disease increases from the age of 50. How the disease can be recognised in good time

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Yannick Gresch smiles into the camera

16. January 2024

"A digital solution is more streamlined and saves time"

Medical practice assistant Yannick Gresch on the advantages of the Compassana app.

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09. January 2024

Why Compassana is not a medical device

Our app and platform are repeatedly confused with products that have a medical effect. But not anymore.

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