"A digital solution is more streamlined and saves time"

Medical practice assistant Yannick Gresch on the advantages of the Compassana app.

Kimberly Schlegel

16. January 2024

Yannick Gresch smiles into the camera
Yannick Gresch is a medical practice assistant at Medbase Uzwil. (Photo: NS)

What patients would you recommend the Compassana app to?
The app is especially worthwhile using if you have a complex medical history. For example, if patients change their specialist, it often happens that things are done twice because there is no dialogue between the specialists. If patients can provide reports and treatments straight away, there are no surprises when it comes to billing.

What are the advantages of having a secure communication channel with patients?
Secure messages make many things easier – and also more agreeable. As well as having an overview of their own records, patients do not have to wait for their results to be made available to them after a test. For instance, we usually take blood to measure a patient's cholesterol levels before they attend an appointment at an external cardiology centre. Usually, patients will wait here so that we can print out the relevant documentation for them, or they come by to pick it up or have it sent to them by post. With secure messaging, we can simply send them the results afterwards. A digital solution is more streamlined and saves time.

When is the medication overview particularly helpful?
An overview of medication is helpful for us at Medbase Uzwil if patients come to us from another location or change their GP. Without access to their medication, we first have to make phone calls and clarify the details. Then the patients have to come in again. It is useful if a list of medications, e.g. from Medbase Wil, is stored in the app. This enables us to dispense the medication immediately following a consultation with the specialist on site.

How does booking appointments digitally help you?
While you can arrange physiotherapy appointments with us via OneDoc, you cannot use it to make appointments with health care professionals. Due to the lack of GPs in the region, we have to be able to triage patients ourselves given the heavy workload. However, if there is a wide range of services and a large enough selection, booking appointments digitally is a huge help in reducing the additional workload for medical practice assistants.

What is the best way for a practice to get to grips with the Compassana app?
The most important thing is to provide enough information so that every member of the team can familiarise themselves with the app. Only then can we recommend it to patients and help them with any questions they may have. This is because we are the first port of call for people who don't like dealing with customer support hotlines.