Tell us what you think of the Compassana app

We are continuously developing our application. Help us to make it even better. It will take you less than two minutes.

Fabienne Unger

21. June 2024

People talking
Your feedback will help us to continue to improve the Compassana app. (Photo: NS)

What is the purpose of the Compassana app? 
The Compassana app allows you to manage all aspects of your personal health - from saving documents and medical prescriptions to booking appointments online. You can also view and organise the individual treatment plans you have drawn up with your doctor at any time. You can also send and receive secure messages to and from medical professionals.

How to take part in the survey
The following link will take you directly to the survey where you can support us by providing your feedback.
What requirements do you need to fulfil? 
You will already have installed the app and identified yourself. 
How much time is involved? 
The time needed to complete the survey is less than 2 minutes.

What exactly are you looking for? 
We are specifically interested in your user experience: 

  • Have you downloaded the Compassana app already? 
  • How often do you use the app? 
  • If you haven't used it since you installed it, why not? 
  • What do you use the app for most often? 
  • Where do you think we can make improvements?

Would you also be interested in working with us as a Compassana tester? 
You can use the survey to tell us if you would like to become a Compassana tester. As a tester, you will have the opportunity to try out new functions in advance and actively contribute to the ongoing development of the app by providing feedback.